In April, we celebrate not only National Gardening Month, but also Earth Day (April 22). You may already know growing your own food with Tower Garden is easier compared to soil gardening. But it’s also better for the environment.

Here are 4 ways growing your own food with Tower Garden is more sustainable:

    1.        Leaves a smaller CO2 footprint. The carbon footprint of Tower Garden food is greatly reduced by virtually eliminating shipping and storage.

    2.        Uses only 10% of the land and water of traditional farming. The vertical design uses 90% less land and water normally required to grow produce.

    3.        Recycles 100% of nutrients and water. Tower Garden uses a closed-system technology to recycle 100% of its nutrients and water.

    4.        Reduces need for pesticides and herbicides. The pH-balanced ionic minerals and plant nutrients in Tower Tonic produce strong, healthy plants that can better protect themselves from plant pests and disease—without pesticides.

We encourage you to share these 4 ways growing food with Tower Garden is an eco-friendly choice!

4 Ways Tower Garden Is an Earth-friendly Choice

Do you have any tips for gardening more sustainably?

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